Fixmart’s Decking Guide Helps Installers Reduce Risk of Penalties

Fixmart, a leading supplier to the construction, M&E and HVAC sectors, is helping installers and subcontractors save time and money with its handy new decking guide. The guide, which can be accessed via the company’s website, will enable workers to easily identify the different types of decking and their necessary fixings. This will help reduce the risk of costly delays through potentially ordering and using the wrong product.

Every common decking profile has a different shaped recess which allows for a secure point for building services to be suspended from. This prevents the need for installers to drill into the decking and concrete floor above. However, the type of decking is not always clearly labelled so it can be difficult to identify the correct fixing. If the wrong fixing is used the building service may collapse and create a delay in the project as well as financial penalties for the installer.

The Fixmart guide gives installers and sub-contractors a way to identify the decking types with an image, profile, pattern markings and dimensions for the fixings recess as well as the different kinds of fixings that can be used. It also contains a useful cross reference section, which includes size types and codes, to help installers to order the right products.

Carl Ghinn, Managing Director at Fixmart, said: “It is becoming an increasingly common challenge for installers to determine the type of decking used on site and the correct fixing to suit. Our handy guide, combined with our expert advice, will help reduce the risk of delays and penalties on site.”

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