Systemline Adds Custom Bluetooth Feature to E50 Benefiting Hotels

Systemline, the specialist audio installation brand, has significantly enhanced the functionality of its E50 single-room installed music system by incorporating an innovative custom Bluetooth name feature. This latest addition will broaden its appeal to hotels, student accommodation and care homes, where multiple rooms are generally within close proximity of each other.

This new update allows suppliers of E50 to set a unique Bluetooth name for each singular unit on a multi-system installation, such as “Imperial Hotel Room 123”. This allows the hotel guest to easily identify which system to connect to, crucial when several units are within Bluetooth range.

All E50 systems include secure pairing, preventing anyone from accidently using a system in a neighbouring room. This pairing method is also compatible with Amazon Echo devices. Once a custom name has been set, a hotel guest or a resident can simply identify their E50 by room number, pair their device and then enjoy their own music or choice of radio station.

E50 is a single zone installed Bluetooth and TV sound system featuring an interactive wall panel that simply fits within a standard 45mm deep UK double gang back box. It boasts both touch sensitive operation and an innovative motion detector that allows consumers to control various functions of E50 including mute, un-mute, track skip and volume level by various hand gestures. The system comes complete with a pair of high performance 6.5” ceiling mounted speakers manufactured by the industry-leading Q Acoustics.

Paul Hilditch, Systemline Brand Manager, said: “This is a significant development for E50, making it ideal for new applications such as guest rooms across hotels. The custom Bluetooth name can be simply applied using our USB Bluetooth dongle and simple PC application, which can be supplied free for modest project quantities. Alternatively Systemline can also apply custom names for larger projects and ship them ready to fit.

“E50 already incorporates a number of features previously requested for large projects. For instance, there is also a maximum volume adjustment and it can be switched to mono mode for cost effective placement of a single speaker in a bedroom and bathroom.”

Systemline is part of Armour Home Electronics and manufactures installed audio systems, with E50 being part of its easy installation range. More information about E50 can be found on the Systemline

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