Leading Number Plate Dealers Streamlines Payments With Checkprint

Regtransfers.co.uk, the UK’s largest number plate dealer, has modernised how it makes payments by deploying a sophisticated solution from Checkprint, part of the TALL Group of Companies, the UK leader in the provision of secure paper and electronic payment solutions. The company is now using Checkprint’s Payments Bureau in order to make Bacs payments in a highly efficient and secure manner.

After manually managing the Bacs payments for a number of years, Regtransfers.co.uk was looking for a solution that would streamline the company’s electronic payment process. After being recommended to Hinckley-based Checkprint by Experian, Regtransfers.co.uk opted to outsource its payments process by engaging Checkprint’s Payments Bureau. The platform, which is powered by Experian Payments Gateway, is fully RTI compliant and incorporates the UK’s leading bank account validation software to authenticate accounts.

Regtransfers.co.uk will use the Payments Bureau to process payments made to suppliers, customers and employees each year. In addition, Regtransfers.co.uk has also sourced its secure cheque requirement from Checkprint since 2014.

Ian Clayton, IT Manager at Regtransfers.co.uk, said: “It is very important to our business that we have the capability to sanction numerous payments in a quick and reliable manner, and the Payments Bureau provides us with that option. Checkprint are leaders in their field and it is beneficial to outsource this vital service to a company we can trust.”

Martin Ruda, Managing Director of The TALL Group of Companies, said: “Our innovative Payments Bureau service allows Bacs payments to be achieved in a simple and secure process, managed expertly by our experienced team of professionals. By implementing this solution, our clients are also protected in the event of an internal system failure or prolonged downtime, ensuring that all important payments will always be made on time.”

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