Fixmart, a leading supplier to the construction, M&E and HVAC sectors, is providing vital advice to its customers to ensure they remain compliant following the revision to the IET wiring regulations came into effect last year.

The revision, known as Amendment 3 (or BS 7671:2008), requires all escape routes to be fitted with fire-resistant fastenings and fixings in order to support all cabling installations. The aim is to enable people to quickly exit a building safely in the event of a fire by reducing the risk of collapsed cabling installations, ultimately saving lives.

Fixmart is providing clarity around the legislation to ensure that its clients are aware that in order to fully comply, the entire fixing should be fire-proof, which means using both stainless steel cable ties and concrete screws.  This is because an installation is only as strong as its weakest point, so it is not enough to use stainless steel cable ties if the fixing is still provided using a traditional screw and plastic plug.

By stocking large quantities of both stainless-steel cable ties and concrete screws, which when used in conjunction provide essential support and resistance, Fixmart can provide its customers with products which comply with the new regulations.

Carl Ghinn, Managing Director at Fixmart, said: “We are advising our customers that, in order to meet Amendment 3 regulations for cabling installations above escape routes, they should move away from using traditional screws with plastic plugs or cable ties, in favour of stainless steel cable ties and concrete screws. We are working hard to ensure we can support this demand.”

He continued: “Since the introduction of Amendment 3, we have noticed a growing demand for Fire Resistant Cable Fixings. We have recently witnessed a 124% year-on-year increase in Stainless Steel Cable Ties and a 198% year-on-year increase in Concrete Screws sales as our customers work to remain compliant.”

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